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Founder of Heal Baby Heal

April is a heart centered healer, embodiment coach, reiki and sound practitioner, EFT practitioner, and yoga + meditation instructor. Her goal is to help clients reach a deep state of relaxation through the body that can be carried with them after each session.


 She specializes in trauma informed healing and uses the powerful tools of sound, energy, and embodiment practices to help clients work through symptoms associated with anxiety and ptsd in a safe and approachable way, as well as helping them develop a tailored plan for understanding and healing the root causes.


She uses her personal journey as a road map, which is why her goal is to always lead with compassion and kindness and make each client feel more human and less alone—because she knows, first hand, the strength it takes to heal and overcome what once seemed impossible

Let April Guide you into a deep state of relaxation and into a life free from anxiety, panic, and fear.

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