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Service Description

Are you interested in finding a holistic solution for healing and learning more about the link between anxiety and trauma and how they impact your ability to show up in your life? Book a free discovery call to learn more and ask questions. About Holistic anxiety and trauma coaching program: Tackle anxiety head-on to uncover the root cause of anxiety and identify how trauma plays a crucial role in our ability to show up in the world around us. This is a holistic trauma and anxiety coaching program that is targeted to free you from anxiety and emotional trauma, so your true authentic light(self) can radiate freely to live the life you were meant to. This program harness's the power of the mind-body connection, by developing a deep understanding of the root cause and begin healing from there. 1) The first step of the program is to realign and regulate the nervous system and help you integrate nervous system regulation in your everyday life. 2) Step two: Once your able to mange and in a daily regulated state, we dive into the hidden messages from the body by working through, understanding and developing where you are holding emotions and past trauma in the body. 3) Step three: Identifying how these emotional wounds are impacting and showing up in your life--relationships, career, personal-- to understand how and why you interact in the world the way you have/do because of past emotional wounds and trauma. Each session includes a compressive intake and consultation, Holistic healing service, and a tailored plan for integration and at home practices and utilizes, but is not limited to: >Sound healing, Reiki, and intuitive energy work. > Exploration and understanding of the Chakra System. >EFT/TFT tapping and the utilization of meridian and acupuncture pressure points >Exploring embodiment techniques and body mapping >Understanding and implementing the somatic nervous system >Cultivate mindfulness practices >Ayurvedic principles that focus on to bring balance and grounding to the nervous system. >Education on nervous system regulation >Guidance on implementing techniques into your life >Access to my personal collection of tools and more Take the first step towards a calmer more centered existence. I'll be here to support you every step of the way.

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